4th Annual Trump Lake Triathlon
was held on Saturday, August 20

The triathlon consists of a ¼ mile swim followed by a 12 mile bike ride and finishes with a 3 mile run.  It is competitive, but only from a fun standpoint.  A medal is given to the winner.

Brian Enders and his wife Aly started it 4 years ago; always the 3rd Saturday in August.  She was unable to compete this year.

This year, participants who live or own property on Trump Lake included Brian Enders, Kris Neuman, Matt Neuman, Chuck Schlosser, Jim Schmidt, Nikki Kerrigan and Mike Richmond

Other participants were: Kyle VanLith, Andy Fulcer, Andy Wasserman, and Keith Fischer.

Mike Richmond, Brian Enders, Andy Fulcer and Andy Wasserman were the only ones to compete all four years.  Jim Schmidt, Nikki Kerrigan and Chuck Schlosser competed for the 1st time

List of this year's top finishers and their times:
1.       Brian Enders – 1 hr 15 minutes – 24 seconds (1:15:24)
2.       Andy Wasserman – I hr 18 minutes 25 seconds (1:18:25)
3.       Kyle VanLith – 1 hr 19 minutes 0 seconds (1:19:0)
4.       Andy Fulcer – 1 hr 19 minutes 59 seconds (1:19:59)
5.       Mike Richmond – 1 hr 25 minutes 2 seconds (1:25:02)
1.       Chris Neuman – 1 hr 33 minutes 43 seconds (1:33:43)
2.       Nikki Kerrigan – 1 hr 44 minutes 35 seconds (1:55:35)

The 5th Annual Trump Lake Triathlon will be held on Saturday, August 19, 2017. It is open to anyone.