A History of Trump Lake Lodge

By Kathryn Reimann

A classic legendary lodge on 110 feet of lake frontage, it goes back to the days of Schlafkes Bakery, Alderton Dairy, Boney Red Owl, Coast-to-Coast, Sparks Grocery, Louie’s Service, Beck’s Drug Store and even Sid’s Shoe Shop.

Built during the 1940’s, the lodge became an important part of the camping program which was started as early as 1938, when Warren and Mary Case deeded the land to their son, C.C. “Bill” Case and his wife, Fern Case.

For many years a single lakeshore building (razed in 1994) served as living and recreation quarters for campers and employees. Utilizing the beautiful new lodge for meals and large gatherings, four new cabins now served as sleeping areas for campers and counselors.  For several years, C.C. Case offered accommodations for hunters utilizing the big barrel stove for heat and huge kitchen for country cooking.

About the year 1955, the camping operation was assumed by Fred and Kathryn Reimann, then in Mt. Prospect, Illinois.  As a lifetime Eagle Scout and a graduate school administrator, Mr. Reimann embarked on fifteen years of successful summer recreational-educational programs and eventual purchase of the entire property.

The camp became an integral part of the Reimann family life; the oldest boys, Fred and Bill, serving as counselors and the entire group of 8 children sharing the work and pleasures of the total endeavor.

A September 1970 contract with U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service established a one-year lease for a Youth Conservation Corp for forest-related training and services.

Since that time the lodge has been used for local graduation parties, family reunions and most importantly the gathering place for the weddings of five of the Reimann children.

Trump Lake Lodge found a friend in the Reimann Family.  It has lived through a Golden Age and provided many people with love and laughter.  Each campfire on the grounds still lights memories and sounds taps to a Vintage Lodge.

Flag at Lodge

Fred and Kathryn Reimann

Lodge (north side) 2

Lodge (west side)
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